We have been forging iron
since 1927

The passion for iron runs in the family
Sampietro 1927 - Scala con decori di foglie dorate Sampietro 1927 - Cancello in ferro battuto nero Sampietro 1927 - opere esclusive Sampietro 1927 - produzione di pezzi esclusivi Sampietro 1927 - Scala moderna bianca in ferro con legno
Sampietro 1927 - Composizioni artistiche floreali metalliche

Who we are

With its great passion for craftsmanship, the Sampietro family hands down the ancient art of blacksmithing from generation to generation.

Founded in 1937 by the head of the family Mario Sampietro, the company has always distinguished itself for its pioneering spirit and outstanding versatility, which developed over the years, continually devising and producing original styles, exclusive works and admirably promoting high quality Italian culture.

We plan the future.
Every day

Sampietro’s historical and artistic heritage is the constant experimentation of avant-garde solutions, the production of exclusive pieces, a boost to melt the precious tradition with the continuous innovation.

These prerequisites cause always new and successful professional links with renowned architecture and engineering firms, privileged interlocutors with whom extraordinary creations can be discussed and developed.

On one hand the designers’ structural creativity, their ability to represent and harmonise different styles; on the other Sampietro’s artistic experience that creates the first scale drafts, prototypes and feasibility studies of the work requested, also with the attendance at the sites appointed for its installation.

Sampietro 1927 - Arredi di Design progettato su misura

Our projects

Sampietro 1927 Progetto Riyād (Arabia Saudita), villa privata

Riyād (Arabia Saudita), private Villa

Sampietro 1927 Appartamento, CityLife Milano

Flat, CityLife Milan

Sampietro 1927 Progetto scala, Leandro Biasco

Staircase detail, private villa

Sampietro 1927 Hotel Villa Aminta, Stresa

Stresa, Hotel

Sampietro 1927 Riyād (Arabia Saudita), villa privata

Riyād (Arabia Saudita), private Villa

Sampietro 1927 Poltrona Ami

Ami Armchair

Sampietro 1927 - Cernobbio (Como), villa privata

Valenza (AL), private Villa

Sampietro 1927 progetto Dubai, villa privata

Dubai, private Villa

Sampietro 1927 Gianola Lugano

Lugano, private residence

Sampietro 1927 - Stresa, Hotel villa Aminta

Stresa, Hotel

Sampietro 1927 - Calì, villa privata

Private Villa

Sampietro 1927 - Mosca, villa privata

Mosca, private Villa


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